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Birmingham, AL 35244



Metro Cat Clinic (MCC) is a full service veterinary clinic just for cats!  We are located in the Birmingham Metro area.  The clinic is officially part of Hoover but in northern Shelby County.  Just recently the clinic earned the designation 'Cat Friendly Practice', an honor bestowed by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) to clinics that treat their patients according to best-practice guidelines established by AAFP.

We offer diagnostic services, medical treatment, soft tissue, dentistry and some orthopedic surgery, as well as preventative medicine, parasite control, boarding, and we can give dietary recommendations based on your cat’s medical needs and lifestyle.  We focus on preventive medicine and early detection of disease. We believe a microchip is important “insurance”.

At Metro Cat Clinic we give cats the special attention that they deserve.  Our doctors and staff members all have great appreciation of and affection for cats.  Our purpose is to help you improve and maintain the health and well being of your cats and strengthen the bond you have with your cat.  We feel the more you are informed about your cat’s medical and physical conditions, the better your relationship will be. For this reason our focus is not only with diagnosing and treating medical conditions, but also we focus on client education both here in the clinic and go-home handout information.

Check out the rest of our web site for info on staff, hours of operation, and exact location of the clinic.  Browse through the Message from the Vet for timely articles about various subjects related to cat health. This section changes monthly. We usually have a cat or two that are available for adoption and they are featured.


Why cats are good for your health

Obsessed with cats? Sick of people calling you a crazy cat person? Now, you can shut the haters down with cold hard scientific facts.  As it turns out, because your love of kitties is awesome for your health.  

Here are some of the amazing health benefits we get from loving furry felines:

1) You’ve heard the haters say "cat ladies die alone." Well, that’s probably because they're outliving everyone else. A 2008 study by the University of Minnesota found that cat owners were 30% less likely to die from a heart attack. The following year a subsequent study found a corollary between cat owners and a decreased risk of death stemming from cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

2) Did you know purring is really good for you? Seriously, it goes beyond just being cute - purring helps reduce stress levels and lowers blood pressure. And, according to Scientific American your kitty’s purrs can hit a frequency that is medically helpful for their bones and muscles. Let’s see your goldfish do that!

3) The use of pet therapy helps people with autism. A 2012 study found that autistic children with family pets “felt calmer and could socialize more easily than those without a pet.” And they help children learn how to read. A program called Book Buddies allows grade schoolers to practice reading aloud by bringing them into shelters to read to adoptable cats.

4) Finally - cats make you laugh. Laughter has been linked to a strong heart and immune system and improved memory function in older people. 


A box (6"x4"x2") of catnip toys was delivered to the clinic recently, and I decided to let the office cats enjoy the residual catnip aroma.  Nigel was so taken with the box that he managed to squeeze his 7 pound 10 ounces into it!  The box bulged a little at the seams but held!

Fleas are very bad this year.  We've seen many indoor-only cats with fleas this summer.  We can carry fleas in on our clothes, and they migrate to our pets.  Please make sure your pets are on flea preventives.  Come to the clinic to purchase effective products - both Revolution and Advantage Multi are on sale, 6 applications for the price of 4.

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